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MK Korea Vera Limbs are the nicest highest quality wood core limb available on the market today. If a wood core limb is what you are looking for, look no further.

Your dream of elasticity, speed and accuracy have finally come true. The Vera is the perfect custom limb for you. One of the strong points of this limb is that they were designed to give the feeling of power and stability when you shoot, We have created a new level of shake resistance to elevate the accuracy of these limbs.

There are many different ILF limbs available to archers today. What separates the mediocre from the best? There are different quality carbon, foam, wood core and fiberglass materials available to manufacturers. There is no text book on how to construct the perfect limb, it is all from experience and experimentation. Methods of construction vary from each manufacturer. Performance is one of the factors we judge our limbs, but a multitude of other factors make our limb superior to others.

The accumulated technical knowledge and emphasis on research with our access to best Olympic athletes testing out products has made our product superior to our competition. We use a superior high modulus carbon fiber which reduces the epoxy content and increases the carbon fiber percentage while keeping unnecessary weight off the limbs. Our carbon laminations are multi-layered with both uni-directional and cross weaved layers. Our unique design aids in reducing limb twist while providing a softer smoother draw and enhancing the elasticity of the limb.

For the core we use two laminted layers of high quality block cut maple and the best carbon is used for the face and back layers. Our competitors often speed up production and the drying time by applying heat directly to their limbs. This often causes damage to material and uneven heat to be applied to the limb which can cause limb twist. Our limbs are cured without direct heat and at lower temperature over a long period of time. The time and effort are worth providing the absolute best limb and the results speak for themselves. These techniques, plus a small staff of high skilled and motivated bowyers make our limbs “second to none”. We take great pride in bringing you only the best.

If you are chasing a world record or your personal best, MK is the right limb for you.


Fabric Carbon, unidirectional high modulus carbon and wood core

Available Lengths: 66″, 68″, 70″

Available Weights: 32# – 48# (in 2# increments)

Hoyt Formula Version available