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la versione aggiornata e alleggerita di uno dei riser più utilizzati per iniziare, potenza regolabile, allineamento dei flettenti.


2014 is the year of lightness with the release of the Axiom+ handle into a lighter version ! It includes all the ingredients that made the success of the first generation (quality of the materials allowing the use of limbs with a stronger poundage, longevity and affordable price) combining a new design with a higher lightness including a loss of 60 grams on scale. Some improvements have been made to this handle now available in 25 inches : integrated clicker extender, two cushion plunger holes allowing the use of a screw-on arrow rest. Axiom+ Light handle is now the new reference for next-level archers.

Colors : Sky blue, black, red, blue, silver, white
Length Axiom+ :
25 inches
Weight : 1.180kg
Included : Axiom arrow rest, Axiom cushion

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