Uukha Vx1000 CURVE


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Vx1000 limbs are intented for archers looking for the best performance with no concession to comfort, ease and control.

Vx1000 limbs are smoother (about 40%), faster (about 8 fps, wich is equivalent to a 3# gain at 40#) and lighter than Ux100. They keep the unmatched Ux100 lateral stability.

The result is: efficiency and comfort with no equivalence on the market.

Vx1000 limbs are manufactured in a new optimized 100% carbon version of the Monolith C Uukha exclusive technology: the Monolith C evo 2.


Sizes 66″,68″,70″
Weight 24# to 52# in 2# increments
Public price 679 €
Fittings ILF Standart