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Some very important notes about the Beiter Rest for Recurve:

  • it has been designed to be used for both left- and right-handed archers!
  • it may be changed within seconds, for example from Carbon- to Aluminum-Shafts !
  • a scale on the Support allows a re-producable position of the Finger. Therefor the height adjustement of the Beiter Rest is extremely precise: the Nocking Point can be raised or lowered within seconds and by less than 1mm!! The position of the arrow on the Plunger Tipp as well!!
  • the Beiter Rest for Recurve makes no noise! (according to our test archers!)


The Support has incorporated a revolutionary Guiding System for the Finger, which may change position, carried by a specific designed Spindle.

Due to the Support being applied with a specific angle (max ca. 15